Old Dogs, Same Trick (2022)

Old Dogs, Same Trick is just that: 2 old dudes "picking and singing in a family band" (to quote the great Jerry Jeff Walker). I produced and played on these songs for my very good friend Blake Papsin and we call it Old Dogs, Same Trick. The musicians on board include Kevin Breit, Burke Carroll, Robbie Grunwald, Drew Jurecka, Lyle Molzan, Maury LaFoy, Kathryn Rose and Meg Contini. It was mixed by John Bailey and mastered by João Carvalho. Very nice!

I'll be teaching a one-week Guitar Master Class at the Haliburton School of Art + Design this summer. Stay tuned for dates and details!

Haliburton School of Art + Design

A hands-on guitar workshop on a variety of subjects based on over 30 years of playing experience: A treatise on Tuning, How to properly practise (how to overcome stasis in your playing), Nail Care for the Fingerstyle Guitarist, Choosing the Right Flatpick (plus shaping picks), Partial Capo'ing, an introduction to 1 & 2 String Altered Tunings and any other subjects that come up in the course of the discussion. Plus 25 Desert Island Albums and a survey of The Great Guitarists of the 20th Century. Participants are encourage to prepare a piece to play for feedback and discussion. There will be a booklet included for class discussion and reference, including a number of guitar pieces ($10 fee).


March 20th, 2020: Bruce Cockburn has been a tremendous inspiration to me from my earliest days of learning to play the guitar and sing songs. I'm excited to be joining some terrific musicians to celebrate Bruce's catalog at Toronto's venerable Hugh's Room.



December 2019
This is my 19th year touring with tenor John McDermott. We've shared innumerable good times together on tour, in the studio and backstage. Next year is 20....



November 27, 2019.
The lovely and talented soprano Melanie Conly has asked me to participate in her annual recital. We'll be playing a number of pieces together, including works by Villa-Lobos, Dolly Parton, Cole Porter and Bruce Cockburn.