Complete Discography

Old Dogs, Same Trick
John McDermott - Somewhere In Me

Julian Taylor - 100 Proof (single)
Nanci Ahern - TBA 

John McDermott - Maybe This Christmas (Guitarist & Producer)
Karen Thornton - TBA
Chantal Chamberlain - TBA
D’Arcy Wickham - Signal Hill (Producer)
David Kaufman - Second Promise (Guitarist & Producer)
Jory Nash - Wilderness Years

D’Arcy Wickham Signal Hill (Producer)
Highgate Road - The View From Here Is Perfect
Heather Rankin - Christmas

John McDermott - An Evening With The John McDermott Trio

John McDermott - Raised On Songs & Stories

Amy Sky - Twilight Rose        
Tash Lorayne - Serendipity 
John McDermott - The Contender (Guitarist & Producer)
Jane Lewis - Stay With Me 
Jory Nash - The Many Hats of Jory Nash
Mike Beauchamp - Welcome Mat
Jim Burke - Diamonds

Karen Andrew...
Bruce Stacey...
Eleanor McCain - Runaway
John McDermott - The Contender (Guitarist & Producer)
Amy Sky - Namaste
Attila Fias - Candlelight Country

Katya (Ekaterina Shelehova) - TBA
Mia Martina - Devotion
Sora - Scorpion Moon
Lisa Patterson - Lumina
Kevin Hutchings - Shadows In The Light  (Guitarist & Producer)
Michael Ciufo - Christmas EP
Jory Nash - Little Pilgrim
Forever Love - Room 217 Foundation
Attila Fias - Baby's First Christmas
Amy Sky - Alive & Awake
Songs for Tohoku Japan - Various Artists
John McDermott - The Old House (Guitarist & Producer)
John Herberman - Celtic Love

Solitudes - Sunshine On My Shoulders (Guitarist & Producer)
John McDermott - The Holly & The Ivy (Guitarist & Producer)
Glendon Smith - You & Me
Valdy - Between The Lines
Eleanor McCain - Holiday
Yuri Sazonoff - Solace
Jason Fowler - Southwest Spa (Guitarist & Producer)
Kenny Vehhavaara - Fisher Price Camp Songs

Anne Lindsay - Hurry On Home
John Herberman - Walk On The Beach 
Jason Fowler - Country Road (Guitarist & Producer)
Somerset - Family Christmas
Loreena McKennitt - The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Steve Wingfield - Fisher Price Singalong Christmas
Kevin Hutchings - Light to Shine (Guitarist & Producer)
Glenn Copeland - Into The Circle: A Musical
Eithne Herrerman - Songs of Love and Immigration
Solitudes - All Things Bright & Beautiful
The Monkey Bunch - Power to the Little People
Jason Fowler - Lumens of Light
Blake Papsin - Entwined (Guitarist & Producer)
Various Artists - Jazz For Haiti

Brigham Phillips - Heart of Ireland
Jim Brickman - Beautiful World [DVD]
Jory Nash - New Blue Day
John Heberman - Celtic Spring
Chris Phillips - Christmas Chill
Laura Silverberg - Christmas Lullabyes
Jason Fowler - Buckets Of Rain
Sahra Featherstone - Born Of A Summer’s Day (Guitarist & Producer)
Eleanor McCain - Green Hills of Home
Kevin Hutchings - On The Bridge You Were Burning (Guitarist & Producer)
Somerset - We Need A Little Christmas
Brigham Phillips - Celtic Women
John McDermott - Journeys (Guitarist & Producer)
John Heberman - The Power Of Positive Thinking

Leah Salomaa - Under A Winter Star
Steve Wingfield - Fisher Price-:French Little People
Steve Wingfield - Fisher Price
Charles Cozens - Celtic Christmas
Carlyle Fraser - Celtic Christmas
Anne Walker - Labryinth
Kerry Dorey - The Sound Of Singing In The Streets
The Rankin Family - These Are The Moments
Joel McNeely - The Tinker Bell Movie (Disney)
John Heberman - Radiance
Ann Chaplain - Ann Chaplain
Somerset - Hallmark Singalong II (102)
Somerset - To Mom With Love
Ian Tamblyn - Raincoast
Somerset Fisher - Price Country

John McDermott - Sharing Christmas
Louis Papachristos - Lulluabye Additions
Phillip Brown - Winter Hymn
Bob Brolly - Pretty Paper/Danny Boy
Steve Wingfield - Peace In The Valley
Brigham Phillips - A Pint Of Ale
Glendon Smith - Christmas Spa
Tyler Yarema - Christmas Rendezvous
Brigham Phillips - Celtic Angels
Michael Rayner - Celtic Grooves
Ron Allen - Mystic Sky
Ricasso - Overgrown
Catherine McInnes - Exposed
Carlyle Fraser - Celtic Wedding
Kevin Hutchings - Songs Of William Blake
Glendon Smith - Careless Whisper
John McDermott - On A Whim
Leah Salomaa - Father Sun and Mother Moon
Delores Boudreau - Finally Home

Steve Wingfield - Silly Songs
Brad Rogers - Country Cardio
Shlomo Simcha - Miracles
Ashley & Franks - A Christmas Dream
Guido Luciani - I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Jay Austin - Peaceful Country (Guitarist & Producer)
Jen Gould - Music Soup
Jory Nash - Folk, Blues, Jazz And Soul
Evalyn Parry - Small Theatres
Rob Young - Cowboy Goodbyes
Steve Wingfield - No More Crying
Anne Lindsay - News From Up The Street
Eileen Laverty - Ground Beneath My Feet
Kenny Vekhavaara - Mediterranean Breeze
Ron Allen - Desert Spa
David Bradstreet - *Lifelines
Jason Fowler - *Unwind
Carlyle Fraser - Celtic Serenity

Ronley Teper - Cornered In The Alley
Loretto Reid - Celtic Hymns
Brigham Philips - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Pipes & Drums Ottawa Police, featuring John McDermott
Mary Duff - When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New
Susan Hookong - Daughters of God
John McDermott - Images of Christmas
John McDermott - Just Plain Folk
Heather Dale - The Road To Santiago
Susan Crowe - Coastline Of Our Dreams:The Songs of Ian Tamblyn
D’Arcy Wickham - Feather Fingers (Guitarist & Producer)
Tyler Yarema - Dock Of The Bay
Kendall Sullivan - This Time

Terry Kelly - Old Tyme Christmas
John McDermott - Songs Of The Isles: Ireland
John McDermott - Songs Of The Isles: Scotland
Colleen Peterson - Postcards From California
Jory Nash Spaz - Loves Weezie
Various Artists - Mariposa 2004
Fowler, Piltch, Vekhavaara - Homeward Bound
Solitudes - Cherished Lullabyes
Leah Salomaa - I Like To Rise
The Cottars - On Fire
Paul Chaput - Old Lovers
Noni Crete - Girl In A Crazy World
Jason Fowler - Temporary Ground

Fowler, Piltch, Vekhavaara - Christmas Guitar
John McDermott - Legacy

Aengus Finnan
& Quartette Beautiful - A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot
Susan Crowe - Book Of Days
Various Artists - Mariposa 2003
John McDermott - Great Is Thy Faithfulness
David Bradstreet - Walkin’ On Sunshine
David McLachlan - Can’t Close A Blind Eye
Blake Papsin - Serious Boy (Guitarist & Producer)
Oliver Schroer - Seaside Retreat
Ken Perlman - Northern Banjo
Jory Nash - Lo-Fi Northern Blues

Anne Lindsay - Eavesdropping
Various Artists - Tears Of A Thousand Years
Various Artists - One Voice: A Tribute To Norm Hacking
Kelly Walker - All My Life
Magoo - Shirt Pay
Brent Titcomb - Beyond Appearances
Ronley Teper - Stories From The Tray

Jason Fowler - Big Hill, Little Hill
Various Artists - Six Strings North Of The Border
Teresa Doyle - Cradle On The Waves
Blake Papsin - That Leaves A Lot Of Living
Bonewagon - Bonewagon
Rob Crabtree - The Piper’s Christmas
Kate Crossan - Voice Of The Celtic Heart
Leah Salomaa - Leah Salomaa Celtic Trio
Jory Nash - Tangle With The Ghost

Oskar Graf Guitars: A 25th Anniversary Collection
Various Artists - O Canada
Mike Beauchamp - Restoule
Amy Sky - Burnt By The Sun

Erin Benjamin - Monster In My Heart
Jason Fowler - Life Is Rich
Jory Nash - One Way Down

Anton Evans - Eye
Jason Fowler - Hiss Of Distance

Courage Of Lassie - This Side Of Heaven